Froling Energy – New England’s Biomass Specialists.  Our professional staff combines the skills of a mechanical contractor with the best working knowledge of biomass boiler systems in the Northeast.

Because Biomass is often a new heating fuel option for many building owners, engineers and architects, Froling Energy is happy to discuss current design options for any situation.  Our aim is to provide the most reliable, efficient, economical and cost effective Biomass Heating Systems available.

Our clients include private schools, public school districts, manufacturers, municipalities, non-profit institutions and numerous kinds of commercial businesses.   As the premier biomass contractor in this region, Froling Energy offers complete boiler system conversions, biomass system installations, expert commissioning and ongoing maintenance and repair services.

We work with Biomass every day–and that’s not very common.  Contact us today to discuss your project ideas.  Call Froling Energy – New England’s Biomass Specialists at 603-924-1001

What is Biomass?  Wood Pellets, PDCs (Precision Dry Wood Chips) and Green (wet) Wood Chips

WOOD PELLETS:  Most of our customers rely on premium Wood Pellets as their biomass fuel because it is the driest, most flexible, easiest to manage and most energy dense biomass option.  Wood pellets, delivered in bulk form, are now available in most areas of New England.

PDCs:  Our larger clients are turning to PDCs, Precision Dry Wood Chips, another locally produced biomass fuel, has an annual cost that is 25% less than pellets but burns well in larger systems such as manufacturing and multiple building campuses.

GREEN WOOD CHIPS:  These are trees, chipped up and delivered.  As a result they contain up to 50% moisture.  Green Chips are typically burned in very large central boiler systems.

Froling Energy installs a variety boiler systems that can burn each one of these fuels for a variety of purposes.  PDCs are being produced in our Peterborough manufacturing facility.

Renewable Fuels

Our Biomass boiler systems are fed mainly with Wood Pellets and PDCs, two clean burning, eco-friendly fuels.  Use of these fuels in our biomass boilers are eliminating the use of hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil each year!  That is great news, but we know  customer satisfaction requires more than that. Froling Energy provides the best value for your investment by using only the most reliable and efficient systems, employing expert design, quality workmanship and ongoing customer support.

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Froling Energy – New England’s Biomass Specialists!


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Economical Local Heat

HEAT LOCAL!  Yes, heating with Biomass saves you money because it costs less than oil and propane, but using regionally sourced biomass fuels keeps about 95% of your heating dollars in the local economy.  Biomass provides all kinds of local jobs:  loggers, truckers, foresters, deliverymen (and women), technicians, office workers and more.

Learn more about PDCs our locally produced biomass fuel

Froling Energy – New England’s Biomass Specialists!

PDCs ready to deliver

PDCs ready to deliver in our blower truck

Uncommon Expertise

Froling Energy has installed over 125 biomass boilers in buildings all over the region with a total combined output of over 30 Million BTUs/hour.  Talk to us.  Check our our work.  We challenge you to find a team with more experience than Froling Energy.

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Froling Energy – New England’s Biomass Specialists!



Experience counts! The most reliable boilers with top quality workmanship.

Heat Your Facility with Biomass

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