New England’s Biomass Boiler System Specialists.

Froling Energy is a mechanical contractor with expertise in wood chip and wood pellet heating. We can self-perform a complete biomass retrofit at your site–from 100% oil to biomass/oil or biomass/propane. Our expertise in Semi-dry wood chips and wood pellets is unmatched.

Our professional staff has the most experience and best working knowledge of biomass boiler system in the Northeast.

Our clients include:

  • Private Schools and Public School Districts
  • Manufacturers and Commercial Businesses
  • Municipalities
  • State and Federal Buildings

If you are considering Biomass, you will want to talk to a company with experience and a focus on the most reliable, efficient and cost effective Biomass Heating Systems available.  After installing over 180 wood pellet and wood chip boilers in NH, VT, MA and NY, we know what will work best in your situation.

All totaled, our installations eliminate the burning of over 1 Million Gallons of Fuel Oil EACH YEAR!