Wood Pellet & PDC Boiler Systems

Wood pellets and PDCs are eco-friendly fuels that make tremendous economic sense to owners and the local economy.  But the systems that burn them must be reliable and trouble-free.

SAM_5866Froling Energy – New England’s Biomass Specialists will design the best possible wood pellet and/or PDC heating system for you, satisfying your economic goals, institutional standards and environmental priorities.

  • We design and size new biomass systems based on existing equipment and historical fuel consumption data.  Our goal is to Right-Size and to not Over-Size the system.  This keeps biomass systems running at top efficiency.
  • Most of our commercial and school systems include new or existing oil or propane fired boilers to act as peaking boilers as well as providing full redundant back up capability.
  • We look at your whole picture:  Are your existing fossil fueled boilers at retirement age?  Do you have problems coming with your buried oil tanks?  Before you jump to spend big money repairing the status quo–let us show you some Biomass options.
  • Heating System changes must be analyzed using BOTH the future cost of fuel and the cost of the equipment changes.  You are considering optional futures:  sticking with oil or adding Biomass.  We recommend looking 10 to 20 years into the future with every possible option.  Biomass is an excellent investment.
  • Our analysis includes space heating, the production of domestic hot water and future changes like an addition or the inclusion of improved ventilation.
  • We improve the efficiency of your boiler room equipment and design.  We P1000537frequently replace heat distribution circulators and fossil fuel boilers with new highly energy efficient variable speed models.
  • We calculate system efficiency based on real-world use, because equipment is seldom run at peak output or efficiency all the time.
  • We choose equipment based on the needs of your project, not based on brand or on a sales quota.
  • We don’t just specify equipment by reputation.  We know how it works in the field because we install, service and maintain it year after year.
  • We can provide feasibility studies, AAA-rated fuel resource reports and full sustainability studies as needed.

Planning, Design & Installation
Froling Energy designs wood pellet and wood chip heating systems that meet—or exceed—all government regulations, industry standards and client goals.  Whether it’s a 35,000 BTU residential pellet boiler or 6 million BTU industrial-scale system burning wood chips, system design for a biomass heating system begins with a clear sense of the project’s objectives, site requirements, budget and schedule.

A Biomass boiler system can be set up to work seamlessly with a fossil fuel boiler that is retained for full redundancy or for used during peak demand periods.  Keeping fossil fuel boilers can reduce the overall investment by reducing the output capacity required of the more costly pellet boilers.

We can construct modular, prefabricated “containerized” systLittleton FD & Garage Boiler Rm Crane ActionBems that integrate boilers and fuel storage in a movable boiler house that can be moved to your site, craned into place and quickly commissioned.

We choose the solid fuel that best suits your site,  situation and economics—wood pellets, PDCs or green wood chips.   Our Wood Pellet boiler systems are compact and least costly to install.  Adding the capability to burn PDCs changes the system design a bit and adds some cost but PDCs could be most cost effective fuel for your needs (25% less than pellets).

Green Wood Chip systems have a much bigger up front cost but because they cost even less, in large scale, where heat demand is more than 8 million BTUs per hour, they can be the most cost effective solution.  See the next section on Large Biomass Projects.

From feasibility study to design specifications to periodic maintenance reports, at Froling we back up our decisions with objective facts and a decade of experience.

Froling Energy team members specialize in biomass infrastructure projects but have many years of mechanical contracting experience in commercial, industrial and institutional environments.  The entire team is cross-trained to keep your project on track.

All employees have completed the 10-hour OSHA course in construction safety best practices and avoiding health hazards.

Is Biomass heat right for your building?

Contact Froling Energy, New England’s Premier Renewable Energy Contractor to discuss how one of our biomass systems can meet your needs for a more economical and ecological heat source today.

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