Boiler System Service & Maintenance

Your project is installed. Now what?

After an installation is complete, our responsive customer service staff provides assurance that each installation will continue to operate efficiently and reliably.  Boiler maintenance can be done through an annual contract or on an as needed basis.


Froling Energy maintains biomass boilers at customer sites throughout New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.  Most are monitored in real time by our Service Manager.  When a fault or breakdown occurs, she may know it before you do!  There is also a good chance she will also know exactly where the problem is.


The best way to assure yourself of getting the maximum use of renewable energy at your facility is through an Annual Service Contract.  Every biomass heating system requires an annual boiler check-up, tune-up and thorough cleaning.  Most commercial size systems also require two or more mid-season cleanings.  All of this can be pre-arranged as part of your custom Annual Service Contract.

If boiler efficiency and up-time are important to you, call our Service Manager today!


Our knowledgeable technicians are dispatched to troubleshoot both mechanical and electrical problems.  Froling Energy keeps an inventory of commonly required parts on our service truck and in our warehouse for immediate replacement.  We also keep detailed records on each installed boiler system.  When necessary, our installation staff is made available to handle emergency service calls.

Froling Energy’s experienced staff has detailed knowledge of biomass boiler systems and the entire installation process.   All of our technicians have been trained by our boiler equipment vendors and are rated as certified installers.   We cross-train our team in all aspects of biomass boiler systems—from fuel storage, material handling, boiler set up and controls.   Froling also has in-house expertise in most types of building energy control technologies, specifically in how our boiler control systems interface with them.


Most of our customers with larger systems subscribe to our Constant Monitoring Service

With Constant Monitoring our central console displays in depth information about each customer system.

Using some additional equipment and a reliable internet connection, our Constant Monitoring Service enables our staff and yours to look much more deeply into the operation of your biomass boiler system.  Custom graphics for each system display real time temperatures and status information.  Data collection and long term online storage of that data enables graphical trending of hundreds of data points.  With this gradual changes can be observed and the source(s) of a problem can be traced quickly and accurately.

Schools love Constant Monitoring because students can be granted limited access into the graphical screens and accumulated data.  This is a great way to encourage awareness of sustainable technologies and to involve biomass into the curriculum.    CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION