Biomass Fuel Delivery: PDCs

With our new belt chip drying system we commitment to manufacture and deliver the best quality Precision Dry Wood Chips available.  This includes delivering them by Blower Truck–THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY FOR OUR CLIENTS.  We invested in blower trucks to significantly reduce our customer’s infrastructure costs.

A Froling Energy PDC blower truck being weighed before making a delivery.

A Froling Energy PDC blower truck is shown being weighed before making a delivery.

Our blower trucks are on the road all winter long, bringing quality PDC fuel to our customers reliably, efficiently and on time.  Each delivery is carefully weighed so you are billed for exactly the amount that was delivered.

Our Service and Fuels Manager would be happy to negotiate an annual fuel delivery contract which includes our keeping track of your fuel levels throughout the winter.  With a contract, we will make sure that fuel is not only reserved for you but delivered on time to be sure you don’t run out.

PDCs are dry wood chips delivered by a blower truck. Unique & economical.

Yes, a large semi-trailer truck with a live floor could be hired to pick up PDCs here in Peterborough and deliver them to a boiler site but that consideration ignores one of the key advantages of PDCs:  Just like wood pellets (and unlike green chips), PDCs can be blown into an interior storage bin as far as 150 feet through a 5″ diameter pipe!  That is a much less costly infrastructure investment on the customer end than would be required for bulk delivered green chips.

It is important that your system is designed for PDCs (and pellets) so you can take advantage of the up front, infrastructure savings that they enable.